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Spyridon Paterakis

Circus Arts

Creation in public space

Spyridon Paterakis is an artist born in Athens, Greece, and is leaving in Berlin, Germany, the last 13 years to develop his style of art form.

Having a backround of mixed education, he is creating in an artistic style which Spyridon Paterakis develop the last 14 years.

From 1987 until now he is studying traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

1994 finished his studies and gets the diploma as an electrician.Afterwards he started to work as an electrician, stage light technician and stage designing.

2002 he started to creat for the public place in Greece as an street theatre performer.

2006 travelled to Brussels, Belgium, for a three month educating on circus arts.Returns in Greece, created in Athens Bythos -

training space for circus arts.

2006 moved to Berlin, Germany. He started training and working in the juggling training space “Jonglier Katakomben” for one and a half year.

2007 moved into the house project “KULE” and starts working with the street theatre group “Grotest Maru” in Berlin.

2009 creat an artistic performance with Adam Read and Barbara Pradzynska called “The Garden Project” and is working with them together until now on several different projects.

2012 started working with the Butoh Dancer Yumiko Yoshioka, the sculpture- and installation artist Joachim Manger and the company

Ten Pen Chii Art Labor.

From 2012 working with the artist Sérgio Fernandes and his company “Theatro Só”.

From 2013 working as an assistant of the artist and light designer Heinz Kasper.

In 2013 moved to the “INTERNATIONAL ART RESEARCH LOCATION Schloss Bröllin” and taking part in several projects as an artist, performer, technician and is supporting in the development of the association Schloos Bröllin.

Today Spyridon Paterakis keep working on the development of an art – form that allows him the freedom of artistic expression and

represents the artistic style created from experience and knowledge he collect from his travels.

Address: Kunsthaus Kule, Auguststrasse 10 / 10117 Berlin

Date of Birth: 20/07/1976

Nationality: Greek

Website: www.paterakispiros.com

Email Address: info@paterakispiros.com

Languages: Greek – native language, English – fluent, German – basic.


Street theatre- and Circus Arts Performer, Stage Light and Stage Designing technician,

Electrician,Rigger, Judo and Jujitsu Trainer, Object theatre workshops


Training in Budo – Sei Kon Kan Dojo - 1987

Electrician Studies - 1st T.E.L. Sivitanidios High School (www.sivitanidios.edu.gr)  - 1994

Open Water Diver (PADI) – Certificate from Mediterenian Dive Center Greece - 1998

Circus Training – Espace Catastrophe (www.catastrophe.be) - 2004

Judo Training – Hellenic Judo Federation (www.hjf.gr) - 2005

License for C’ Class Trainer – General Secretariat of Sports (www.sportsnet.gr) – 2006

Juggling Training – Jonglier Katakomben Berlin (www.jonglierkatakomben.de ) – 2006

Motorkettensägen Berechtigung - Motor Chainsaws Authorisation - 2013

Industriekletterer - Irata Rope Access Technician Level 1 -2016

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